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Contact Info
USPS KawreS SuperStore
1515 Stone St.
Falls City, NE 68355


(402) 245-3700


Monday - Friday             Saturday        
10:00 am - 5:00 pm   10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Owner - Sole Proprietor
Name: Ryan E. Schutte
Direct E-mail:
I believe in excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. A lot of the time when you deal with the store, you will be dealing with me directly. If you do deal with someone else, I try to make sure that you get the same quality from them as you would from me - the same quality I would want from anyone I buy from!
Computer Technician
Name: Tom Steinhauser
Started: October 2001
Direct E-mail:
Office Assistant
Name: Mary Patnode
Started: November 2015

Store History
late 1998: Officially started as Natural-Beauty
    (In August 2004, we restarted Natural-Beauty as a business, but it now is a photography business)
January 1999: Changed the name from Natural-Beauty to KawreS SuperStore
February 1, 1999 Launched this website, www.KawreS.com
May 17, 1999 Moved the store from my apartment in Verdon, NE, to a small storefront in Falls City, NE.
November 1, 1999 Moved the store to a larger storefront across the street, about 4 times larger.
April 15, 2001 Purchased a building of our own 1 block south of our previous location. The showroom space is about 1/2 of the previoius storefront, but there's room for expansion and we aren't paying rent anymore!
October 21, 2002 Just finished a 3 month, $50,000 remodeling project doubling our showroom space and modernizing the look of the store (from an old theatre to a store-look.)
As you can see, the business has flourished and has grown very quickly. It has expanded in to more areas quicker than I expected it to, but I am very glad that it has.

Name Meaning
The two most common questions asked in the physical store:

1. What's the name mean or how did I come up with it?
I started my own business using Natural-Beauty for the name. I love nature and beauty, put them together and came up with that. People associated it with beauty products instead of a variety of items, so I knew the name had to change.
I decided I wanted a 'generic' name that didn't have any associations with it, so people would 'look' at my business to find out what it was before judging it. One day while I was working, and trying to think of a name, a friend's name came to mind. I had somewhat recently learned her middle name and it was in my mind, then I thought of her initials.... then I thought of my initials. I put them together, and came up with KawreS (spelled with capital letters at the ends only for looks).
So, a quick answer to what the name means - It's a friend's initials, and my initials, combined.

2. How do you pronounce the name?

The first part is pronounced like the 'caw' of macaw and the last part is pronounced like raise with the w and r sounds blending together. It's much easier to just tell someone how to say it than it is to try to explain it in words. If anyone has a better way of explaining it, let me know!